JuicyWix 3x5 Wick RDA QW
JuicyWix 3x5 Wick RDA QW
JuicyWix 3x5 Wick RDA QW
JuicyWix 3x5 Wick RDA QW

JuicyWix 3x5 Wick RDA QW

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Vaping with JuicyWix will deliver the performance and incredible flavor your looking for.
  • RDTA, RTA Squonk
  • Intense Flavor Delivery
  • Rapid Absorption Rate
  • Strong Fibers 
  • High Fiber Health
  • Long Lasting 
  • Sterilized, Clean & Pure 
JuicyWix QuickWix is a blend of cotton species selected for their superior vape performance..
blended with a cotton species with long soft / fluffy fibers, to provide faster liquid absorption
and very high absorption load while maintaining a great level of heat resistance. 
A Proprietary cleansing and sanitization method unique only to JuicyWix / TuffWix 
is used to produce a final product with no equal on the market.
NO Harsh Chemicals used in the production process maintaining fiber integrity and health.
Suggested usage:
RDTA (rebuildable drip tank atomizer) / RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer)  , Squonk / Bottom feeder.

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